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Our Services

Reservoir & Dam Lining

Our high-quality liners are designed as a low cost and easy to install solution for water storage

Drip Irrigation

We offer low cost innovative solutions for modern irrigation technologies in Kenya.

Installation of Greenhouses

We are leading designers and installers of greenhouses, greenhouse products and accessories in the region

Water Tanks

We are best placed to install your tank, advice, and working with you to design a fully installed rainwater harvesting system that is optimized for your need.


We transform your dreams into ideas, and then finally beautiful breath-taking gardens.

Shade Nets Installation

We install shade nets in different specifications, colors and weights. All our products are of UV protection for at least five years.

Linerfit Irrigation

Linerfit Irrigation has been a trustworthy name in the water containment, harvesting, liner, environmental and spill containment industry. Having built a name that is synonymous to high-quality, we maintain state of the art facilities and extremely skilled personnel.

For your industrial liner requirements, our tanks along with our dam and pond liners, are sure to present a solution for all your needs. We also offer a range of spill control and fluid containment products to help protect the environment.

Why Chose Linerfit

With the changing weather patterns, water harvesting and storage is slowly becoming a reality. Increasingly, water is a precious resource, not to be wasted. Harvested water can then be used at a later date, for irrigation, for drinking, for animals, for fish farming or for domestic use. Water storage by use of dams or ponds requires the very best liner materials to prevent leakage from the reservoir into the ground.


We're affordable. We tailor our solutions to give you the best value for money.

Timely Delivery

We offer our services over the shortest time frames possible while ensuring that the highest quality is met.

Best Quality

We take time to find the best solutions that assures our customers will always receive quality products.

Custom Solution

We are focused on your success with custom tailored solutions designed to your specific requirements.


Our vast experience has enabled us to flexible to work anywhere in the region and Africa in general.


We want our customers to feel confident that they can depend on us when they need us during and after installation.

For Superior Quality, Trust Linerfit

With the changing weather patterns, water harvesting and storage is slowly becoming a reality. Dam liners offer simple ways of providing waterproofing and lining of water pans and ponds where the soil is too porous.

Taking the time to find the best solutions assures our customers will always receive a quality product. We look for products that are the best fit for your specific need.